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Zama Mngadi-Molefe

Zama Mngadi-Molefe 

Company History
Uvuyonothando Wellness and consulting company began in 2013 and formalised 2015. Since its conception it has established itself as a preferred service provider in the provision of Employee Assistance Program. The Managing Director, Zama Mngadi-Molefe  of Uvuyonothando Wellness and consulting services has significant expertise in Employee Wellness and Leadership Development. Uvuyonothando Wellness and consulting services applies the best principles in service rendering. Employee Wellness services are our primary and fundamental services.

Our Belief
We strongly believe in the “Wellness” model of individuals and organisation functioning. To take this further we believe in assisting people who are facing different kinds of problems and challenges or difficulties in their personal capacity or in getting along with their fellow employees. We believe in implementing programs designed to contribute to the speed, productivity, efficiency and profitability of the organisation because we understand that workplaces connect us to one another, gives us meaning to our lives as well helps us to sustain our families and broader communities. Therefore our commitment is to participate with companies and their employees to find and develop workable solutions to existing problems and to identify proactive and preventative initiatives that can benefit the company

Community Clinic

Mission Statement

To educate, support and empower organisations and their stakeholders to create a culture of wellness throughout the organisation as well as enhance the quality of life for all by putting measures that are aimed at improving and maintaining a constructive and active workforce.

To promote the well-being of individuals and families in the community by providing accessible, quality mental health and substance abuse / addiction care for children, adolescents, adults and their families, utilizing a service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion. We are committed to quality mental health care that is provided in a collaborative effort with overall health strategies and medical services. We believe that we exist for the client/customer.

a. Create and maintain a “Wellness” Culture within the workplace, by being active and developmental in approach to those we are engaged with.
b. To enable the workplace to keep the workforce healthy and well balanced.
c. To identify and enable those who are at risk by providing or linking them with the appropriate resources.
d. Being affiliated with a well respected community acute care hospital
e. Manage care friendliness through cooperation, accessibility and clinical focus.

Administrative Assistant

Our philosophy as Uvuyonothando Wellness and consulting services is based on the belief that our business associates or consultants are to be encouraged to be innovative and find ways of identifying issues with a focus on resolution. We also believe that Uvuyonothando Wellness and consulting services should not be remote from other Human Capital elements, but at the same time it should remain independent and confidential.

The Team Profile

All team members employed by or subcontracted to Uvuyonothando Wellness and Consulting Services are fully registered with their respective Professional Bodies/Councils. 

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We operate throughout KZN and beyond.


Uvuyonothando wellness and consulting services is 100% Female Black owned.

Companies Served

Uvuyonothando Wellness and Consulting Services serves both local and multi national clients. The company also do home investigations (mobile) when required.


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