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Primary Services/Employee Wellness Programs

  • Balancing work and family life
  • Work related issues including the on-boarding of management and employees
  • Substance abuse and other addictions: Alcohol, chemical substances and other emotional and behavioral addictions. These include assessments and referral to the in-patient treatment services or rehabilitation centers.
  • Illness and loss: ongoing therapeutic support, grieving counseling
  • Trauma debriefing or Trauma Management Services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Life transitions and life changes
  • Legal concerns and statutory matters including adoption advice as well as link those who are in need of such services with the resources.
  • Relationship matters it can be work or personal as long as it impacts one’s productivity.
  • Psychosocial matters: Anxiety, stress, depression, emotional distress, mental health related or psychiatric issues.
  • Life skills: decision making, financial difficulties, communication, problem solving, parenting and straight thinking.
  • Domestic violence and other forms of abuse: sexual harassment, physical, emotional, psychological, verbal and financial.
  • Training: designing needs based workshops/presentations to employees’ supervisors and managers. These are on a number of aspects and within the auspices of EW/EAP e.g. absenteeism management.
  • Other related highly specialized service to mention a few: team building and team coaching, mentoring, health education programs and absenteeism management training.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness, educational sessions aimed at specific target groups based on the needs.
    Executive Wellness aimed at dealing with senior to executive management in all spheres of their lives. More to do with work and their general lifestyle.

Secondary Services/Coaching Services

  • Leadership Coaching

Tertiary Services/Leadership Development

  • Leadership Development Programs these are tailor-made for the individual clients to meet their needs. They are aimed at developing High Performing Organisations.

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