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Wellness Services Offered

The main objective of these screenings are to improve awareness of positive health, behaviour and to introduce individuals to the concept of wellness, whereby they are motivated to pro-actively maximize health and minimize both disease and their risk factors.

The Wellness Day can consist of the following elements:

Body Mass Index
Body mass index (BMI) is measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women.
It can be used to indicate if a person is overweight, underweight or within normal limits.

Blood Pressure Screening
The aim is to early identify persons with high blood pressure.
Employees will be referred to their general practitioners should any abnormal blood pressure be detected during the screening process.

Blood Pressure Screening

Blood Glucose Screening
A drop of blood is necessary to determine the blood glucose level. Employees will be referred to their doctors should any abnormal blood glucose levels be detected during the screening process.

Blood Cholesterol Screening
Blood cholesterol meters are utilized to screen the cholesterol levels.
Employees will be referred to their doctors should any abnormal blood
Cholesterol levels be detected during the screening procedure.

Community workshops


HIV Screening

For early detection of the virus and make referrals to the relevant institutions for further intervention and management.
HIV counselling and Testing (meaning both pre and post-test counselling) will be done by qualified personnel.

Awareness Talk On The Following

  • Substance Abuse (including alcohol and drugs)
  • Health Talk (Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Nutrition and HIV/TB)
  • Mental Health, Financial Wellness and Absenteeism = Work Life Balance

Executive Wellness:

Executive Talk on the following:

  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Early Diagnosis of symptoms
  • Swift Treatment of diseases

Executive Screening

  • Medical/Lifestyle Assessment
  • Fasting pathology test
  • Physical examination
  • Cardiovascular Assessment including resting and stress ECG

Promotional Tables/Stalls

  • Optometrist
  • GNLD
  • Virgin Active
  • Nelly’s Spa and beauty
  • Financial Planning
  • Men’s Clinic
  • Nutritionist


Employer’s Needs and baseline survey.

Company composition in terms of the following: Age group of employees and Gender, the sector as well as the matters of Safety and Hygiene.
How much time will be allocated in terms of hours (employees away from production).

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